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Greetings!!! No matter what language you speak, we want to welcome you to Spottswood A.M.E. Zion Church affectionately known as “The Spott.”

Our worship services are open to anyone who would like to experience God with us as we celebrate His grace and goodness in our lives. We welcome you also to come join us as we give our praise and our service to His Son, and our Savior, Jesus Christ. The whole purpose of our worship services is to offer hope, healing, and a meaningful Christian worship experience where Jesus Christ is Lord.  We strive to be a church that makes the Gospel of Jesus Christ relevant to the times. You are welcome.

Blessings and Peace!!!!

The Rev. Jacqueline King, M.Ed, M.Div


Arabic: Ahlan wa sahlan         Burmese: Kyo-so-ba-thi     Chechen: marsha dogheela

Chinese: Huanying guanglin    Danish: Velkommen          Dutch : Hartelijk welkom

Dutch : Welkom          English : Welcome    Esperanto : Bonvenu

    Estonian: Teretulemast              Finnish: Tervetuloa         French : Soyez la bienvenue

Gaelic: Failte    German : Herzlich Willkommen    Hawaiian: Aloha E Komo Mai

  Hebrew: Baruch haba         Indonesian: Selamat dating           Italian: Benvenuti

       Japanese: Irasshaimase    Maltese: Merhba        Norwegian: Velkommen

Welsh: Croeso cynnes        Persian: Khosh amadid       Polish: Serdecznie witamy!

         Portuguese: Bemvindos    Russian: Dobro pozhalovat'       Slovenian: Dobrodosli

     Spanish : Bienvenida               Swedish: Va"lkommen      Tibetan: Tashi Delek

Ukrainian: Laskavo prosimo     Urdu: Khosh amadid    Vietnamese: Kinh Chao Quy  Khach

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